Our Vision:

Our Vision is to become innovation driven organization which fulfils global requirement of quality healthcare products at affordable prices.

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to provide highest quality innovative solutions to health problems for wellness and wellbeing of humans.


Neuron Innoceuticals Pte Ltd was founded by a dynamic team of entrepreneurs and professionals with expertise and extensive knowledge of international pharmaceutical marketing. With a founding mission of "providing highest quality innovative solutions for health problems", Neuron is working towards providing innovative yet simple products for the well being of humans.

Since its inception, Neuron is having its presense in special niche therapeutic areas such as Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Oncology and Anesthesiology. Neuron would like to establish itself as a pharmaceutical organisation focusing its brand building and marketing efforts in CIS and Eastern European Markets,Neuron's unique strategic advantage is being a perfect blend with the dynamics of socio-economic and political variables in the region.

As a step towards its vision "to become an innovation driven organisation which fulfils global requirement of quality healthcare products at affordable price", Neuron adopts several business models like providing value added services to its principles - specialised distribution services which also includes demand creation for the products in the markets, Promotion and Marketing of products on exclusive marketing & distribution rights from state of the art manufacturing companies.These activities make Neuron stand distinctively vis-a- vis conventional distribution set up.

Quality of the product

All the products marketed, distributed by Neuron are manufactured in state-of- the -art manufacturing facilities across globe, which are accredited for the GMP ( Good Manufacturing Practice ) by various global health authorities from developed countries. Quality of the product which determines safety and effectiveness, is the first and foremost guiding principle for Neuron.

Research & Development (R&D)

Neuron recognizes the importance of Research & Development (R&D). Neuron views its R&D activities as a vital component of its business strategy that will provide the company with a sustainable, long-term competitive advantage. The company today has built a virtual network of partner Research organisations and working alongwith various research laboratories to provide effective and safe products with distinct advantages over the competitors in terms of price and compliance. In other words Neuron is working towards providing value added generics.